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until 12.12.17! Get the official handpainted Molto Pomelo Sweater 45 + 5€ shipping world wide available in s m l xl - red blue & purple. just mail to:

Mix Mup's new EP Gravity is out

featuring 3 new Tracks. check out audio snips & infosheet here

listen to the complete A side here

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mm in the mix:

Mix Mup for Resident Advisor 2016

Beats in Space New York City 2015

Wnur Chicago chestnut spread

Slick Mix

sloppy mix including vibraphones



Ominira News: Molto Album DIGITAL (MP3 OR WAV) available!


molto also available at amusik now


MOLTO versatile international service LP on OMINIRA


Mix Mup on Berlincommunityradio /
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MIX MUP Carcassette TAPE 5,00€


Beach Hotel de Haan on Meakusma



Skip Intro on The Trilogy Tapes


MM/KM have you seen themVINYL EP 13€
MOLTO versatile international service VINYL EP 13€
shipping: 1Vinyl - 5€ germany&world
more than 1 Vinyl - 5€ germany & 7€ world
1Tape - 2€ germany & 5€ world
available HERE!

UD adapted by Mix Mup on KIMOCHI 2015



an afternoon with Mix Mup & Rose Mardit



die TAZ über Mix Mup


lorenz lindner lives and works as an artist & musician in Leipzig (germany)